What is Q 1.6 ?

Data collected by web questionnaires is one-off, inaccurate, biased and too expensive. By posing questions in a non-intrusive way at multiple moments throughout the day, Q offers a hands-on, non-intrusive solution. Furthermore, Q collects this unbiased data with reduced cost and faster than traditional web questionnaires.


Customers in the Health industry use this data to get a better understanding and a better bond with their users (patients and employees).


Using the Q1.6 appless app, which can ask non-intrusive questions during the unlock moment of your smartphone, we are able to skyrocket true user engagement in seconds.

85% Response rate

Answers in 1.6 seconds

Accurate data

Why Q 1.6” ?

With our proven methodology we can deliver accurate end user feedback, with stunningly high response rates

Q 1.6 for Health

If your patient surveys pose questions that refer to events 4 weeks ago, your data won’t be very accurate. With Q you can get more and better data.

Our mobile app asks simple questions to the patient, each time he or she unlocks the screen. Each question needs to be read and answered in 1.6 seconds, which according to a research paper at Stanford is the maximum amount of time users want to spend unlocking their phone. So, as you unlock your phone between 10 and 30 times/day, the doctor gets all the information he wanted from the patient.

Doctors use the Q platform to monitor patients after their operation, to follow up on their medication intake or to gather a new type of data (e.g. a pain score each day rather than each month) for their research projects.

Doctor at the patient's fingertips

Accurate data in real time

Reduced survey costs

Decreased health care costs

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Better Data

Users fill in a web questionnaires only once, so the answers are biased by time and context. With the Q platform, we create a new type of data because you can ask a question daily instead of once

Faster Data

Getting results from a web questionnaire can be cumbersome. With the Q platform, you get results the moment you ask the first question.

Dramatically reduced survey costs

Response rates of web questionnaires can be low, so you need to chase the users to complete them. With the Q platform, you can ask daily questions for a fraction of the cost.

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